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Just A Phone Call Away (704) 361-1083

Just A Phone Call Away (704) 361-1083


General Mechanics (Electric Problems, Check Engine Lights, Transmission, Brakes, Suspension, Oil Changes, Tune-Up, A/C System, etc) if it is part of the car we can repair it!

North Carolina Inspection Station

Let Us Keep Your Engine Healthy

Having an oil change helps reduce the wear and tear on your engine.  Making this service a part of your regular maintenance routine will allow you to keep your vehicle longer and in good working condition.  In addition, it will help prevent more expensive repair costs in the future.

Time For New Tires?

We have the right tires for your vehicle and offers services you need to keep your tires in good working order, whether it’s everyday driving or preparing for a road trip. Our certified technicians will inspect your tires, perform a tire repair, or replace them entirely.

HVAC system

Let our technician check and repair your AC system. We offer diagnostic recharge and service compressors and can replace them if necessary.

Brake inspection, repair, and replacement and entire braking system if necessary

Brakes and repair service for entire brake systems: brake pads, fluid, rotors are important in helping ensure the safety of your passengers in your car, truck, or another automobile.

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